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Jambes is... idea that has been shaping itself for 5 years since entering the sticky world of parent-dom!

I'm a fashion designer turned mama always on the look out for fun, stylish clothing for my boys.

As my first baby boy grew and started exploring the world I realised he needed soft  comfortable clothing, especially trousers, but bog standard tracky bottoms just weren't rocking my world. So my search began to find funky, fun, bright and soft trousers... I soon realised there is not enough choice out there. 

I went back to work after having my second boy (to save my sanity I told myself) but soon realised I needed the crazy kids around me and this is when I really started getting my stuff together!

So here I am ready to realise my dream, create loveliness for little people whilst enjoying my little people a bit more. I hope you will love the JAMBES soft organic trousers and your little ones will be comfy and stylish too!

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P.S. Jambes is... french for legs, but I'm not French!